Online Safety

Posts about keeping kids safe online.

Four Steps to Report Cyberbullying

Due to the increased use of the Internet and social networking sites, bullying has moved beyond school halls and playgrounds into homes all around the world. Cyberbullying occurs when one individual threatens, harasses or attempts to intimidate another person through online sources such as email or other types of messages….View More

Prioritizing online safety for your kids

There’s no denying that the Internet has revolutionized the way we work, learn and interact. And with the recent 25th birthday of the Internet, it is a good time to look back and evaluate the online safety measures you take to protect your kids from potential dangers they could face…View More

New app hopes to stop cyberbullies

  A new app for Android and Apple devices was recently released with the goal of putting an end to cyberbullies. The app is called StopIt and has four different features designed to allow the victims of cyberbullies to respond in various ways. StopIt saves messages the child feels is…View More

Cyberbullying: The Role Educators Can Play

Jessica Carol, guest contributor School-yard bullying has taken on a whole new meaning in this day and age. Those fat kids who harassed you and took your lunch money have gone digital and the Internet is largely responsible for it. On the surface this may seem pretty harmless when compared…View More

Are You Concerned Your Kids are Sexting?

Georgia Carson, guest contributor If you are concerned that your kids are sexting, chances are that they are. Scary? Absolutely! An article on What Every Parent Should Know About Sexting reported that 39% of teens and 59% of young adults have sexted at least once. They also define sexting as…View More

Keeping Our Kids Safe Online

The speed at which technology is progressing is so rapid that keeping your kids safe while they are online can seem like a more daunting task than maintaining their physical safety in the busiest of public settings. I’m 29 years old, and I didn’t learn how to use the Internet…View More

Parenting in the Computer Age

The Internet has become a significant part of everyday life for teenagers and stands to become even more prevalent in the future. It is crucial, therefore, for parents to have a basic understanding of the Internet, as well as the potential dangers their teens may be exposed to when utilizing…View More

Cyber Bullying

Studies have recently revealed that cyber-bullying is one of the fastest growing styles of bullying in our children’s lives today. I know… I’m shocked, too. But statistics don’t lie. According to an article I just read on the internet concerning bullying a survey of 1,500 students between grades 4-8 reported…View More