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The ABCs of Social Skills

Learning how to get along with other people, developing what we call social skills, is necessar..

Praise First, Correct Next

Here’s a common mistake that teachers and parents make in their desire to help children do th..

Private Play That Can Prevent Public Misbehavior

Does your kid ever act-out in public? Does he or she have a special need, learning disability, ..

Why It Hurts to Be Shy

Children who are quiet and unassertive find it difficult to interact with both peers and adults..

Fear of Failure

Is your child hesitant to try new things? Children can view new experiences as exciting challe..

Growing Stronger Character

What does it mean to grow strong character? In general, the term character, as applied to a ..

More Reflections on the Language of Discipline

If you have watched my video on How to Discipline and Correct Others, you know that effective d..

Why Self Discipline?

Why is self discipline so critical to your child's development? Because, without the ability to..

Key Behaviors for Self Discipline

We all want our children to possess the self discipline and self esteem to succeed and excel. W..

Teaching Your Child Self Discipline

How can I teach my child to have the self discipline to succeed? The first thing we can do a..

Create the Mood for Motivation

When’s the best time to get a child to comply with your instructions? When they’re feeling..

Gateway Behaviors are Like Gateway Drugs

When I was in junior high school, we used to have to watch those corny “gateway drug” educa..