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Be Ready to Respond

As parents, we operate on two levels. Most of the time, we’re consumed with the issues that c..

Trust is a Wonderful Thing, But…

Although it may be true, as the headline says, that the case of the “cyber sex case stumps pa..

Parenting in the Computer Age

The Internet has become a significant part of everyday life for teenagers and stands to become ..

Knowing Who to Let In and When to Evacuate the House

No matter what your situation is there are going to be times when your teen and even preteen ch..

Getting Bullies to Stay Away

As a parent, there is nothing more agonizing than knowing your child is suffering from the emot..

Help, I’m Being Bullied!

One of the most difficult challenges we can face as a parent is to help our child develop the a..

Bully This

Safety is a topic high on every parent’s priority list. We all worry about the safety of our ..

The Bully Cycle: Who is Responsible for Keeping Us All Safe?

Bullying is a complex event. Since my undergraduate work was in sociology, I usually look at sy..

How to Get Your Kids to Call When They Need Help

There are a host of issues that can be addressed under the topic of date safety. I want to addr..

Avoiding Peer Pressure

Do you worry that your child might be saying “yes” when he or she should be saying “no?" ..

The ABCs of Social Skills

Learning how to get along with other people, developing what we call social skills, is necessar..

Praise First, Correct Next

Here’s a common mistake that teachers and parents make in their desire to help children do th..