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Keeping Kids on Track

Everyone likes to be asked to do something, not always told to do so. The same goes for childre..

What Acting-Out Means: Speaking Through the Veil of Autism

Does your child with a developmental or cognitive disability ever hurt themselves or others? Ch..

Developing The Martial Arts Code of Conduct

What is the martial arts code of conduct? The code of conduct represents a system of social ski..

What Are Martial Arts Values?

When we talk about teaching martial arts values we are referring to the traditional values ..

Key Elements of Physical Fitness

The idea of physical fitness may conjure up visions of workouts at the gym or an early morning ..

Benefits of Physical Fitness

As parents we want to encourage our children to make physical fitness and healthy activity a da..

Helping Your Child Get Fit

Now what, you ask? I understand that physical fitness is a critical element of my child’s wel..

Fitness and Good Health

Fitness has been shown to be the most important lifestyle factor for good health. Many health e..

Child Nutrition Overview

Nutrition is defined as the process of providing your body with the food necessary for life and..

Eating Disorders Overview

Eating disorders are growing in incidence throughout the world. Here are the three primary type..

Wellness vs. Weight

The terms wellness and health and fitness are often used interchangeably to define the conditio..

Big Game Tomorrow? Eat Right Tonight

What are you doing the night before a big sporting event? If you want to perform at your best l..