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23 August

As parents, our biggest desire for our children is to see them grow into the best versions of themselves. You want them to be equipped with the necessary tools to navigate this tumultuous world with confidence and ease. You want them to have the mental ability to rationally assess a situation and come up with […]

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14 August

Children being mean to one another is nothing new; instead, it’s an ageless tradition born of insecurity and power struggle. Fortunately, our children are growing up in a time where public awareness is ever-increasing and children are taught empathy, confidence, and respect. School-wide anti-bullying programs are the norm, and it’s on nearly every parent’s radar. […]

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09 August

While you might think that five years old is too young to start learning martial arts, you would be wrong. The benefits of karate, Tae Kwan Do or other styles are many even for the youngest students. Through their training they will learn discipline, self-determination and confidence. They will learn skills that go far and […]

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