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27 November

Giving your child the courage to speak up for himself, ask questions in school and be engaged is key to his development. Children who ask questions in class are perceived as smarter than children who linger in the background, and are often given more challenging work, giving them an academic boost. There are several ways […]

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18 June

Here’s a common mistake that teachers and parents make in their desire to help children do their very best: they offer “constructive criticism” right from the very beginning. This can make children feel they’re being criticized before anything else. However, if children hear praise first, they are much more willing to keep improving. We train […]

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06 June

Everyone likes to be asked to do something, not always told to do so. The same goes for children. At our schools, we tell our martial arts instructors that sometimes, in order to get the kids to practice on their own or to always use their best technique, they should try asking instead of commanding. […]

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