Posts on children misbehaving and what you can do about it.

How to Respond to Verbal Bullying

  Verbal bullying is an all too common event that children face both in and out of school. This situation happens most commonly in school but it can also happen outside of school hours at sports events, parties and other areas where teens congregate. Knowing what to do and how…View More

Verbal Bullying: What it is and how to stop it

  Verbal bullying is a serious issue that many children and teenagers face. In order to put a stop to this type of abuse, parents, teachers and members of the community must first understand what it is. Once a verbal bullying situation is recognized, a variety of strategies can be…View More

Is your child’s discipline problem a behavior issue or something else?

All children have moments or phases they go through where good discipline is hard to come by. It is a normal part of a child’s social development where they test and learn the boundaries of socially acceptable behavior. But if you child is having prolonged and consistent discipline problems, there…View More

Keeping Your Kids Disciplined as a Single Parent

Jeff Miller, guest contributor Raising a child is hard enough in a traditional, two-parent home, but for single parents, the challenge is even bigger. As a single parent, the responsibility for disciplining your children and shaping them into responsible, productive members of society rests squarely on your shoulders. You can’t…View More

Private Play That Can Prevent Public Misbehavior

Does your kid ever act-out in public? Does he or she have a special need, learning disability, or developmental disability? Young children with communications barriers, like autism or a hearing impairment, may act-out to communicate an unmet need. When a child can’t simply tell us verbally that they are tired,…View More

Gateway Behaviors are Like Gateway Drugs

When I was in junior high school, we used to have to watch those corny “gateway drug” educational films. Do you remember those? They followed a similar plot: Some clean-cut teenage boy would steal a beer from the family fridge; next we see him bowing to peer-pressure and puffing on…View More

What Acting-Out Means: Speaking Through the Veil of Autism

Does your child with a developmental or cognitive disability ever hurt themselves or others? Children with communications disorders, one way of looking at kids like mine who have developmental disabilities, may sometimes revert to the most basic forms of communication. If their needs are unmet, they may demonstrate their need…View More