The Better Kids Institute is a global organization with the goal of helping parents bring up better children — via two areas of focus:

1. Working with child development experts from throughout the world to provide valuable content for parents on how to bring up better kids

2. Identifying the best resources in local communities throughout online the United States to help parents find great activities for their children at bä vad är vpn blogginnehåll

Valuable Content

Our child development experts provide valuable content to help parents bring up better kids on such topics as confidence, self-esteem, self- discipline, health, fitness, nutrition, obesity, parenting, life lessons, motivation, misbehavior, discipline, fun activities, bullying, social skills, ADHD, and safety.

This content can be accessed via the menu on the right, at The Better Kids Blog, and at our Better Kids Resources page.

Best Resources

We identify local resources to help kids excel in these eight categories: after-school programs, anti-bullying programs, martial arts schools, dance/ballet studios, sports/fitness clubs, summer/holiday camps, physical activity venues, and birthday party venues.

The Better Kids Institute strives to have a complete listing of all resources available to parents in a local community. However, we also — using defined criteria — identify the top resources in each listing category. For example, click here to view a listing of the top martial arts schools in the Milwaukee, WI area. Visit site.

The owners/managers of many of our listed resources are child development experts in their own right and, as a result, are contributors to our “bringing-up-better-kids” content.


•  Expertise — we work with child development experts to provide valuable content to parents

•  Resources — we identify the best resources in local communities throughout the U.S.

•  Dedication — we are committed to helping moms and dads bring up better children

•  Value — we work to bring great value to parents and their kids throughout the world