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16 September

It can be difficult for parents to know if their child is a victim of bullying and to take decisive action to protect him or her. Children are often ashamed at what they perceive to be their own problem, so they may not confide in their families. It is up to parents to identify the […]

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03 July

For parents and children alike, the summer is a time for going to the beach, getting out in the sun, and swimming in lakes, rivers and the ocean. Many people also enjoy swimming in both above-ground and below-ground pools on their own property. Before going out for an afternoon of fun with the children, though, […]

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15 May

With so much digital stimulation available today such as video games, tablets and the like, instant gratification has become the most important consideration for a child to deem an activity as fun. But whatever happened to good, old-fashioned play time? Many kids end up sitting on the sofa with a device in their hands rather […]

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15 August

Any parent wants their child to be constantly learning, growing and developing, whether school is in session or not. With school starting up again, it’s time to start thinking about extracurricular and other after-school activities—hopefully choosing one that will encourage healthy cognitive development. Of course your child will have to choose for themselves, but here […]

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11 June

Long hot summers can be hard to fill, with children on your hands and most activities costing way too much to make a regular occurrence it can be hard to think of exciting things to fill their days. Bonding with children is unique and special, and something necessary to forge a happy familial relationship. It […]

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10 June

When it comes to their offspring, especially so with first born children, parents can go a little overboard when it comes to spending on birthday party supplies. They feel the need to make it bigger and better each year, so this makes it a near impossible job if you create a huge birthday party for […]

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