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Back-to-School Safety and Health Tips

Parents today need to keep a closer eye on their children than ever before. It seems like the news reports on missing children and sexual predators nearly every day, and many parents find themselves frequently worrying about what their kids are doing throughout the day. Though parents cannot keep an…View More

Swimming safety tips to keep this summer both fun and safe

For parents and children alike, the summer is a time for going to the beach, getting out in the sun, and swimming in lakes, rivers and the ocean. Many people also enjoy swimming in both above-ground and below-ground pools on their own property. Before going out for an afternoon of…View More

Do your kids know about stranger danger?

Children can be very trusting of others, an issue that can lead to serious problems if a stranger’s intent is malicious. While many strangers are nice, a child needs to learn to recognize a situation to avoid stranger danger from those who aren’t trustworthy. A parent can help a youngster…View More

Weapons in schools compromise everyones safety

It seems as if every day on the news there are new reports of weapons in schools. When this happens, students, teachers and staff are all put at risk, due to the unpredictable circumstances that can take place. However, it is important to evaluate why these students are bringing weapons…View More

2013 Dangerous Toy Lists

  It’s that time again every child waits for the whole year.  Gift giving season. They fill out their Christmas list and parents flock to stores to find the year’s hottest toys – or at least something that will keep their kids entertained for all of 10 minutes. But what…View More

How to Plan for the Unexpected—Part 2

  Annie Babbitt, guest contributor In the first part of this essay, we discussed how to create and legalize a will. Now let’s move on to the harder task of choosing a guardian and caring for your child in case of unexpected death of you and/or your spouse.   Choosing…View More

How to Plan for the Unexpected—Part 1

    Annie Babbitt, guest contributor As a parent, you have made the promise to take care of your children until they can take care of themselves, and sometimes for a bit longer. But what happens to your children when the unthinkable happens and you and/or your spouse die unexpectedly?…View More

Home Safety Guidelines Every Parent Should Know

Barbara Johnson, guest contributor When I was thirteen years old, two young neighborhood boys were playing cowboys in their basement. One found his daddy’s handgun and thought it would be the perfect prop for catching the bad guy. He ended up accidentally shooting his 2-year-old brother, who died instantly. It…View More

Children’s Health: Learning more about the Effects of Concussions

Chris Holgreaves, guest contributor We have all probably seen our fair share of cartoons. You know the ones in which the main character has some kind of head injury and stars magically float around their heads? Well sadly, real life doesn’t treat children in the same way as this. The…View More

Safety for Children in Motels

Mark, guest contributor When going on a road trip or traveling on a budget with your family, you are bound to spend some time in motels. They are much cheaper than hotels, easier to find and there are plenty of them near the roads, which is why they are ideal…View More